MDasein: Genesis

An Entrepreneurial Journey

11/18/20236 min read

I would like to share with you the MDasein journey. I tried my best to document every step I took to share the story behind this venture to help those who also want to start their business especially here in the Philippines.

The Beginning

This was just a dream conceived around 2015 when I ventured into the world of cryptocurrency and the stock market. I wanted to retire earlier and spend most of my time with my family.

You may wonder why it took 8 years. As they say, “Great things take time” and I also want to spare you the drama I went through. But if you like. I can have it in another post.

It all began with my ex diving into the city's socialized housing program—a cozy 112-square-meter lot featuring a quaint 32-square-meter house. Now, this house was a snug fit for her solo residence plans, but given our plus-sized status, I had my reservations.

Fast forward to me flexing my persuasive skills, not only to convince her to marry me (quite the win, right? 😁) but also to turn this compact space into our office. We got the essentials in place—water, electricity, a snazzy fence for the lot, and grills for the windows. Slowly but surely, we hauled in the necessities, turning our professional space into a snug yet stylish haven.

I started processing the business permit last year (so it’s not 8 but 7 years!). The name I chose was dasein (from the work of Martin Heidegger, a renowned philosopher). Dasein (pronounced as da-zayn) which means "be-ing" or in other words "existing".

I was so eager in putting up this testing center. I wanted to help students who are preparing for their On-the-Job Training (OJT). Some of them must travel more than 100 kilometers to avail of this service.

Heartaches and Sorrows

I was disheartened one day when I visited our house. At first, I was puzzled. the vent to the restroom was dislodged. I thought a rodent might have done it but when I surveyed the house, I saw that the ceiling was broken, and it dawned on me that thieves broke into our house. I called my wife and told her the sad news. I also alerted our neighbors so that they too will take precautions. When my wife and daughter arrived, we went to the police station to report the break-in. We had to pause for a while. The business plan was put on hold.

Life goes on… with more challenges...

When I found out that I was qualified for a study leave, I readily applied, and I was grateful that my application was approved. I enrolled Ph.D. in Psychology at Silliman University to strengthen my credentials and to comply with the regulatory requirements since the business we are trying to establish is bound not just by business laws but by professional regulations. The professional services I wanted to offer are bound by 2 existing laws: The Philippine Guidance Counseling Act (RA 9258) and The Philippine Psychology Act (RA 11029).

My study leave helped a lot in my preparation for the business. Aside from this, I have more time with my family. I cherish the moments I spent with my daughter as she hurdled milestones in her life. Also, I was able to take care of my ailing father.

I cannot forget that fateful Friday when my father called me. He was too weak and cannot stand on is own. I braced him so that he can stand and changed him because he soiled his pants. I started to suspect that he was having his second stroke (first was in 2012). We called an ambulance and brought my father to a hospital. Since I had so limited financial resources that time, I informed my sisters that we needed to have our father confined in the hospital. They sent financial assistance, and I was also grateful to my sister-in-law for providing spot cash for the hospital. My father was in coma for several days and was not improving. The condition in the hospital was not also helping. The doctors disclosed that my father didn’t have much time. I was working on my grad school requirements beside my father when he breathed his last. He was 89.

After my father was laid to rest. I needed to settle the financial obligations I incurred. I was overwhelmed. My meager salary is not enough. Many negative thoughts occurred to me, and I almost decided to stop my studies. My sisters reminded me that if my father were alive, he would have given me a good lecture. He trained us to keep going. His resounding voice in my head kept me up.

When it rains it pours

I was waiting for a sign to resume the business preparation. I knew it was time when $SOL and $XRP shot up. I cashed in. Their prices hit way above my target. My sisters also loaned me an ample amount to continue with what I have started. We resumed the furnishing of the house.

Change the Plan not the Goal

When I thought everything was going well, the Psychology Regulatory Board Resolution 4 was published. I was disappointed. It seemed to me that pursuing my post-graduate education is pointless. Many of my friends in the psychology profession also aired their dissatisfaction and frustration with this resolution. Some even closed their psychological centers in protest.The frustrating part of this resolution is Section 3 which stipulates the qualifications for the issuance of a permit to operate a Psychology or Psychometrics Office, Center, Clinic, or Facility. I appreciate the people who voiced their disagreement. Their actions benefit the many. Rest assured that I supported them in my simple ways.

The business name “Dasein Psychological Testing Center” would be a violation of this resolution. I visited the DTI for an inquiry. I was informed that I cannot change the business name since it’s been registered for 5 years (this would take me 12 years if I just wait). I needed to apply for another business name. I decided to use my hive name and IGN: mdasein (Hive is a blockchain where fast transactions meet decentralized social media, empowering users with HIVE rewards in the Web 3 revolution.) You may join the HIVE Blockchain here.

I went back to Step 1 and I will bring you along on my journey.

First Step: Register your business name. You have to reflect on what name you want to call your business. Also, remember the maxim “Nomen est omen” (Name is a sign/name is destiny). I suggest you visit your local DTI branch. People there are friendly, and they will gladly help you in the initial stages of putting up a business. You need to pay a meager fee to register your business name.

You can pay DTI through e-wallets. I used Maya last October and GCash last July but lost my SS. The fee is still the same.

Second Step: Go to the Barangay Hall where your business is located and secure the barangay clearance.

Third Step: Securing Business Permit. You need to go the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO). The BPLO will assess your proposed business. BPLO will also require applicants to secure Fire Safety Inspection Certificate and City Health Sanitation Clearance. When the requirements are completed, BPLO will evaluate the value of the proposed business and apply the corresponding fee. You need to pay at the Treasurer’s Office to secure an official receipt. You will have your business permit in no time.

Fourth Step: Tax Identification Number and BIR Registration. In Negros Occidental, the BIR Revenue District is around 50 kilometers from my residence. So, I visited the BIR satellite office first (each town and city have one) and requested for assistance. She gave me a list of documents I needed to bring when I go to the Revenue District Office. Basically, you already have them except the authority to issue an official receipt. In my case, I went to the prominent printing press in the city to have this and everything was set. The next day I took the bus to the Revenue District. There was already a long queue when I arrived. Patience was the key there. Lunchtime came but I was not yet called. My limited budget somehow worried me. I was glad that there were food stalls across the facility. It was around 4:00 in the afternoon when I got through with the process. The BIR personnel were efficient and nice it was just that they were serving too many people at that time.

Setting up the Testing Center

We started with two tables, aspiring for wooden ones but opted for plastic due to budget constraints. We systematically developed the testing room to meet standard requirements. Our ongoing commitment is to further elevate the testing center, ensuring the delivery of quality psychological testing services both onsite and online.

This blog was first published on FB.